You can call him the 'accidental photographer' with both an MBA and Law Education behind him, Lloyd Goradesky's career choice is truly a 'road less traveled'.

After many years in the jewelry business and fatefully surviving a series of mishaps, including a serious car accident in 1994, the then 33-year-old Hollywood resident turned to website design and development to earn a living. his company really took off after expanding into the then almost unknown arena of digital photography.

Recently, Goradesky finished his first book, CAGED FREE: A photo essay on Animal Survival in Captivity. The book took over 6 years to create and contains over 200 images. CAGED FREE, the first of a series of four books, can be ordered thru this website with a personalized message and signature.

CAGED FREE may soon be available at all popular book stores for general purchase.

The popularity and amazing applications of digital photography techniques provided Lloyd the opportunity to pursue his hobby full time.

My state-of-the-art camera and computer equipment really opened doors for me. I didn't go to the 7-11 store without my camera," said Lloyd, describing his passion for both his trade and his love for capturing spontaneous life in his lens.

Earning an MBA degree and law education from Nova Southeastern University in 2001, he continued to make strides with different formats of computerized photography. Lloyd Goradesky Photography was initiated through local weddings and high-end party pictures. Photography became a full-time occupation as commercial work with Aventura Mall and Ocean Drive Magazine assignments filled his calendar.

To take the perfect photograph, Goradesky will go to extremes. He has been hoisted 35 stories above Las Olas Boulevard to obtain a vista shot looking down on a luxury high-rise under construction and has placed himself in front of ferocious big game cats to photograph their fangs.

An animal lover since childhood, Lloyd's free time was devoted to several local wildlife organizations. The Marine Animal Rescue Society (MARS) on Key Biscayne and Flamingo Gardens in Davie benefited from his time, skills and talents. Four years ago, while reviewing Lloyd's photograph of rare eagles recuperating at Flamingo Gardens, employees noticed an abnormality in one bird's eye and sent the eagle to veterinarian's office for treatment. This was merely one example of the precision and intimacy reflected in Lloyd's work.

He was the first photographer on the scene in Key Largo as the Marine Mammal Conservatory (MMC) volunteers struggled to save 88 beached dolphins.

He received worldwide recognition for his wildlife pictures, which caught the eye of officials at Vanishing Species, an organization dedicated to the management and survival of animals in danger of becoming extinct. He was hired as the organization's official photographer and is allowed to get 'up close & personal' with predatory, wild animals.

A September 2005 photo shoot for the Latin Playboy centerfold proved a lot less dangerous and a lot more glamorous. The semi-nude centerfold photo of model Julia Ferretti, shot at his east Hollywood home, appeared in the February 2006 issue.

Past assignments include photo shoots for the City of Miami, the City of Hollywood and the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, AAA, RE/MAX, Cartier, wine vineyards, aquariums & zoos.